20,000 Lumen - 3000K CCT
20,000 Lumen LED 2nd Gen Extra Wide Flood Light
Replaces up to 400W MH

Availability: IN STOCK

Producing up to 144 lumens per watt, the Extra Wide Floods provide an extra wide distribution (NEMA 7x7) that is recommended for sign and wall wash applications. They produce a smooth, even and uniform light pattern.

· Extra wide distribution
· 7x7 NEMA beam spread
· High efficiency - up to 144 lumens per watt
· Cooling Fins Separate Driver & LED Housing
· Removalbe Gasketed Back for Easy Driver Access

· Lumens - 20,540
· Watts - 142
· Lumens per watt - 144
· CRI - 70
· CCT - 3000K
· Lifespan - 200,000 hours
· DLC Qualified
· IP65 Rated

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