Wall Pak Pro Large


The Atlas Wall Pak Pro features a patented, labor-saving design that is quick and easy to install. These energy-efficient wall lights are available in 3 housing sizes and produce a smooth, glare-free light pattern. Made of 100% aluminum, they retain a familiar architectural form that maximizes heat dissipation using external airflow fins, prolonging LED and driver life.

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HousingUnitCRI3000K CCT4000K CCT4500K CCT5000K CCTWattageReplaces Up To
Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)
WPL86LED8010,73012110,73012110,73012111,14012689400W MH
102LED8012,72012512,72012512,72012513,090129101400W MH

Features & Specifications

  • Quick and easy installation saves time and money.
  • Smooth and even light distribution eliminates glare.
  • External airflow fins help to dissipate heat and extend the fixture’s life.
  • Product series is available in 3 housing sizes.
Max Lumens
Min Lumens
Color Temperatures
3000K 4000K 4500K 5000K
Additional Options
DLC PremiumUS Manufactured (BAA Compliant)DimmableUL Listed

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