4500K CCT - w/ Emergency Battery Backup
60W LED SlimPak Pro Wall Light w/ Emergency Battery Backup
Replaces up to 250W MH

Availability: IN STOCK

Producing up to 125 lumens per watt, the SlimPak Pro Series has a slim, low profile design with attractive architectural styling. A quick and easy mounting system is bottom hinged to prevent leakage. The LED placement and mounting position result in a glare free design. 60W emergency backup unit is available in both 3000K and 4500K.

The SlimPak Pro Series is now available in a Dark Sky-friendly 3000K color temperature (view all Dark Sky approved SlimPak fixtures).

· No glare
· More lumens
· More usable light
· Slim, low profile design
· Quick and easy mounting
· Bottom-hinged to prevent leakage
· Provides emergency illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes

· Lumens - 6412
· Watts - 64
· Lumens per watt - 100
· CRI - 73.3
· CCT - 4500K
· Lifespan - 200,000 hours
· DLC Qualified

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