Classic Fully Selectable Wall Light Large


Replace up to 12 standard wall lights with just one. These fixtures feature both selectable lumens and color temperature, reducing stocking complexity and provides additional flexibility for contractors. These wall lights utilize an innovative, proprietary design to eliminate glare and wasted light. A unique design directs the light forward and downward, resulting in a smooth, uniform light pattern on the ground.

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HousingUnitCRISelectable 4000K CCTSelectable 4500K CCTSelectable 5000K CCTWattageReplaces Up To
Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)
WLDS4‑13L7038971344073139388913329175W MH
76881358034141767213457400W MH
11136130116381361111313086400W MH
128911261347213812864126102400W MH
10‑20L80988313410151138956613173400W MH
1474413215144135142711271121000W MH
1944712419975133188231211561000W MH

Features & Specifications

  • Replace 12 standard wall lights with just 1 fixture.
  • Utilizes an innovative, proprietary design to eliminate glare and wasted light.
  • Same footprint as the fixtures they replace, reducing labor costs.
  • The durable, die-cast aluminum housing provides environmental protection and aids in heat dissipation.
  • Optional emergency battery backup is available.
Max Lumens
Min Lumens
Color Temperatures
Selectable 4000K 4500K 5000K
Additional Options
QuickShipDLCUS Manufactured (BAA Compliant)DimmableUL ListedBattery BackupLumen Selectable

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