External Motion Sensor (OMS) – Factory installed option


The High Bay Sensor is designed to automatically turn lights ON or OFF. The sensor utilizes Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) combined with Fresnel lenses(360 high-bay or 360 low- bay) to determine when an area is occupied. This is determined when a heat source is detected and moves from one facet in the lens to another. The sensor recognizes this as a motion and provides power to the light fixture. Simultaneously a timer is started and restarts with each motion, once expired, the lights will turn OFF. The high bay sensor maximizes energy savings, incorporating false detection algorithms to eliminate false ONs by nuisance tripping or background environmental conditions. The sensor also optimizes energy savings and safety concerns during power loss scenarios by assuming a return to last known state of operation.

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Features & Specifications

• OMS used for Indoor Industrial/Warehouse Luminaires.

• OMS is mounted external to the luminaire generally out a KO on the end.

• Includes two  360 degree PIR lenses one for High Bay applications 26-40 ft and one for Low Bay applications 8 to 25 ft.

• Operating temperature range of 14°F to 160°F (-10°C to 71°C).

• Time Delay – can be set at any time via rotary dial without requiring power to the sensor. Time delay is variable from 30 secs to 20 mins.
Default is set as 30 secs. This is the amount of time the lights stay ON after the last detected motion.

• Sensitivity – Auto temperature calibration adjusts the PIR sensitivity as ambient temperature rises to increase detection of heat movement
through the field of view.

• Return to last state – contains a latching relay so that in the event power is lost to the device, the device will return to the last known state of
the relay

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