Integral Motion Microwave Sensor (IMWS) – Factory installed option


LSI’s IMWS microwave motion sensor is a 0-10V fixture-integrated sensor for standalone lighting control. Configurable settings include length of time delay, sensor range and dimming level using DIP switches and trim pots.  Bi-Level Dimming: When motion is detected the sensor will bring the lights up to 100% lumen output. When no motion is detected for the length of selected Time Delay 1, the sensor will dim the luminaire to the selected dimming level. If no motion is detected for the length of Time Delay 2, the sensor will shut the light off. If TD1 is set to 10 min TD2 will never expire so the lights will remain at the dim level for as long as motion is not detected.

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Features & Specifications

• IMWS used on Indoor Luminaires.

• IMWS is installed inside the luminaire for a clean unobtrusive look.

• Sensor controls 0-10 VDC LED drivers

• IMWS is designed for ceiling mounting up to 30ft and an operating ambient temperature range of -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C).

•Time Delays (TD1/TD2): 5 secs/10 secs, 5 mins/30 mins, 15 mins/45 mins, 30 mins/60 mins, 10 mins/no TD2 light remains dim (default setting 5 secs/10secs).

• Dimming Level: 0%, 10%, 25% or 50% (default setting 0%).

• Sensitivity: low, medium, high (default setting medium).

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