Origin Fully Selectable Wall Light Medium


Origin by Atlas Lighting is our economy line of products that are designed to provide a highly competitive, lower-cost entry point to LED lighting. The Origin lineup of Fully Selectable Wall Lights offer a range of selectable lumen packages and color temperatures in the same fixtures. This helps to reduce stocking complexity and provides additional flexibility for contractors. The housings retain a traditional design that closely resembles older HID fixtures.

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HousingUnitCRISelectable 3000K CCTSelectable 4000K CCTSelectable 5000K CCTReplaces Up To
Delivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)WattageDelivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)WattageDelivered LumensEfficacy (LpW)Wattage
ORWPSEL2-6L802,280152152,280152152,28015215100W MH
4,256152284,256152284,25615228175W MH
6,232152416,232152416,23215241175W MH
6,840152456,840152456,84015245400W MH
5‑14L804,588148314,588148314,58814831175W MH
8,880148608,880148608,88014860400W MH
13,3201489013,3201489013,32014890400W MH
14,80014810014,80014810014,800148100400W MH

Features & Specifications

  • Features selectable lumen and CCT options in a single fixture.
  • Energy-efficient design saves money on energy costs.
  • Same footprint as the fixtures they replace, reducing labor costs.
  • Origin products are backed by the same US-based customer service and technical support teams as all other Atlas  products.
Max Lumens
Min Lumens
Color Temperatures
Selectable 3000K 4000K 5000K
Additional Options
QuickShipDLC PremiumDimmableUL ListedLumen Selectable