Square Straight Steel Poles


Atlas offers a full line of poles and brackets to complete your lighting job. We apply the same quality and durability standards to our poles as we do our lighting products.

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Mtg. Height Length (ft)Catalog NumberShaftPole Base
Base O.D.Wall GaugeGross WeightBolt Circle RangePlate WidthPlate Thickness
12SSS12411BZ411908" - 11"10.1250.75
14SSS14411BZ4111058" - 11"10.1250.75
15SSS15411BZ4111138" - 11"10.1250.75
16SSS16411BZ4111208" - 11"10.1250.75
18SSS18411BZ4111358" - 11"10.1250.75
20SSS20411BZ4111508" - 11"10.1250.75
20SSS20407BZ472008" - 11"10.1250.75
20SSS20511BZ5111809" - 11"10.1250.75
20SSS20507BZ572509" - 11"10.1251
25SSS25411BZ4111888" - 11"10.1250.75
25SSS25407BZ472508" - 11"10.1250.75
25SSS25511BZ5112259" - 11"10.1250.75
25SSS25507BZ573139" - 11"10.1251
30SSS30407BZ472258" - 11"10.1250.75
30SSS30507BZ573759" - 11"10.1251

See cut sheet for additional information.

Features & Specifications

  • Choose from a wide variety of materials, finishes, sizes and styles to best match your application and budget.
  • Poles ship as soon as 5 days from the time of ordering.
  • Customer service team will walk you through the pole configuration process to ensure accuracy and quick order submission.
  • Engineered for durability and offered with our standard oven-baked DuraGrip Protection System.
  • Also available with DuraGrip+ Protection System for unmatched corrosion protection and extended warranty.
  • See cut sheet for full details.
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